Swedish Block Tomten

Swedish Block Tomten by Larsson

tomte, the little mythical creature of Scandinavian folklore, is known for its immense strength and ability to bring good luck (if treated well). Merry Christmas!
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Tic Magnetic Clock

Tic Magnetic Clock by Enrico Azzimonti for Diamantini & Domeniconi

Tic is a multifunctional piece for the children’s room. Consisting of an oversized magnetic board, a magnetic clock, and a set of wooden shapes, it acts as a memo board, a wall clock, and an interactive display. Design by by Enrico Azzimonti for Diamantini & Domeniconi.
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LAST Toys by Nicolò Bottarelli of Alburno

Designed by Nicolò Bottarelli of Alburno, LAST is a handcrafted, wooden toy collection based on three disappearing animal species: Mauritian dodo, Chinese baiji, and Tasmanian thylacine. Now children can get to know them and take care of “the last surviving animal”. I like this clever idea of bringing awareness.
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