Phold Container

Phold Container by Shane Schneck | moddea

Made of food-safe silicone, Phold is a family of containers that store small items in the kitchen, office, or bathroom. Design by Shane Schneck for Menu.
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Citrus Press

Citrus Press by Eva Solo | moddea

This citrus squeezer is inspired by its purpose. It features a granulated surface for a firm grip and a rim that retains the pips. Made of nylon and silicone, it’s designed by Eva Solo.
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LEAF COVER Hooks by Jung Hwajin | moddea

South Korean designer Jung Hwajin had the idea for a product that could give birth to new life in “nailed and dead space”. That’s how he created the Leaf Cover — a silicone nail cover that looks as if a leaf is growing out from the wall. It acts as a hook for small and lightweight items such as keys and jewelry, and doubles as stunning wall decoration when used in multiples.
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