DOGGY Building Blocks

DOGGY Building Blocks by Eero Aarnio for PlastexDesign

Building blocks are among the best toys that not only develop children’s imagination and creativity, but they could be great decorative pieces as well. These geometric Doggy sets, which are bigger than the average building blocks, come in five colors, so you can create a custom combination. Made of recyclable polyethylene, they’re designed by Eero Aarnio for PlastexDesign.
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PLUP Stackable Bottle

PLUP Stackable Bottle by Stefan Lindfors for PlastexDesign

PLUP is a donut-shaped stackable bottle that won’t fall over. It holds 14 fl oz (0.4 L) and is made of clear and safe PETG plastic. Design by Stefan Lindfors for PlastexDesign.
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