GRIDDED Paper Notepad

GRIDDED Paper Notepad by PELLE | moddea

If you haven’t gone paperless, you might like this simple notepad with a smart grid designed by Brooklyn-based Jean and Oliver Pelle.
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Portfolio by Piks Design | moddea

Portfolio by Piks Design is a keepsake book consisting of two oak plates, a paper accordion, and a rubber band. It allows you to easily put on display your mementos.
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LEAF Thermometer

LEAF Thermometer by Hideyuki Kumagai | moddea

Leaf is a paper thermometer that shows the room temperature by changing its color. It is green when the temperature is between 68–77°F (20–25°C), brown when it’s cold, or it turns yellow when the temperature is above 77°F. Leaf has a small reusable adhesive seal. Design by Hideyuki Kumagai of T3 Design for +d.
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