Blok Marble Tablet Stand

Blok Marble Tablet Stand by Studio Macura | moddea

Made from Acquatico marble block, this tablet stand is decorative yet functional. Design by Studio Macura.
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Clear Case and Stand for iPad

Clear Case and Stand for iPad by Sanwa Supply | moddea

I haven’t seen any clear iPad case/stand as stylish and practical as this one by Sanwa Supply. Its cover rotates and folds to support portrait and landscape placement, or even the typing position. A non-slip grip provides a stable fit in the hand. It’s made of durable crystal clear polycarbonate.
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FLIP iPad Support

FLIP iPad Support by Arboit for Oyo

Flip is an iPad holder composed of two memory foam-molded cushions covered with elastic fabric. Each part has a recessed surface to support horizontal or vertical viewing position. Compatible with the first three iPad generations, Flip comes in handy when reading in bed or having the device in child’s hands. When not in use, it can be left on a sofa as a spare cushion. Design by Arboit for OYO.
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BeoPlay A3 iPad Sound System

BeoPlay A3 iPad Sound System by Bang & Olufsen

If you’d like to furnish your iPad with the best sound quality, and you’re not willing to compromise on design, BeoPlay A3 is right for you. The beautiful stand features innovative technology, which senses the orientation and delivers robust stereo sound in any position. It’s compatible with the first three iPad generations. Design by Bang & Olufsen.
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Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

I spotted this Bluetooth® wireless keyboard for iPad in Inc. Magazine, and I think this is the most successful combination of a cover, keyboard, and a stand I’ve seen so far. It attaches to the iPad through a magnetic clip, supports portrait or landscape placement, and has an automatic on/off function, which conserves the battery power. It’s made of aluminum and hard plastic and is offered in black, red, or white.
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Spiderpodium iPad Stand

Spiderpodium Tablet Stand by Breffo

Spiderpodium is a stand for all kinds of tablets and even cameras. Its “tentacles” can be adjusted to support any viewing position or hooked around the back of a headrest in a car. It’s lightweight, flexible, and packs flat when not in use. The design is by the British company Breffo.
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