FUJI ON THE ROCK by IDEA International | moddea

Fuji On The Rock is a mold that creates an ice cube reminiscent of the highest mountain in Japan. Design by IDEA International.
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HOTARU Light by IDEA International

Hotaru (firefly in Japanese) is a cordless, rechargeable LED light for various applications. With three different modes for brightness, it can be hung, used as a torch, or placed on a table. Its clever design doesn’t allow rolling off the surface. Produced by IDEA International, it comes in white, green, and orange.
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BRIDGE Compact Shredder

Bridge Compact Shredder by One Tenth for Idea International

Here’s another satisfying result of my search for compact shredders. For those who don’t like the idea of a manually operated shredder, Bridge is powered by four batteries. It fits on top of most waste baskets, which is convenient for collecting paper shreds. Design by One Tenth for IDEA International. Available in blue or brown.
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Bye Bye Handy Shredder

Bye Bye Handy Shredder by YUEN'TO Design for IDEA International

I was looking for a simple shredder and discovered this one — an eco-friendly alternative to the common shredders. It’s manual, compact, and has a retractable hand for easy storage. The minimal design is by YUEN’TO for IDEA International. Available in blue, gray, pink, and white. Made of ABS plastic.
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