Heartea Interactive Cup

Heartea Interactive Cup by Sangmin Bae & ID+IM Design Lab for Nanum Project

Heartea is an interactive mug, which when touched, shows the liquid’s temperature. A small bulge emits blue, orange, or red light indicating cool (0°C–35°C), warm (35°C–75°C), or hot (75°C–90°C) drink. A heart-shaped, magnetic card on the bottom provides space for a custom message. The cup is designed by Sangmin Bae of ID+IM Design Laboratory for Nanum, a charity project donating all profits to educational scholarships of needy children.
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GIVE U MY HEART Rings by Innopark Design Studio

It’s amazing how just two simple cuts can transform an ordinary sterling silver band into a beautiful ring with an embedded heart. The ring is cleverly designed by Hong Kong-based Innopark Design Studio and is made of sterling silver with platinum plating.
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