Spoonless Containers

Spoonless Containers by Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen | moddea

Spoonless is a series of smart, easy-to-use containers for the kitchen. Simply remove the cork lid from the spout and pour without using a spoon. Design by Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen for Menu.
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Lagarta Pouf

Lagarta Pouf by Ana Mestre and Inês Pereira | moddea

Lagarta is a simple and playful modular seat, allowing endless arrangements thanks to its clever design. A hollow in one of its sides fits in the curved side of the next pouf. It’s made from agglomerated expanded cork and has a water-based finish. Design by Ana Mestre in collaboration with Inês Pereira for Corque.
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PUSHPIN CORK Stool or Side Table

PUSHPIN CORK Stool or Side Table by Kenyon Yeh for Cooima

Taiwan-based designer Kenyon Yeh sent me his beautiful creation: Pushpin Cork. I like multifunctional objects, and Pushpin Cork is just that — it can be either a stool or a side table. It’s suitable for every room, but because it’s inspired by two objects found in a work space — a pin and a cork message board —  it would be perfect for any office. It’s manufactured by Cooima.
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Degree Table

Degree Table by Patrick Norguet for Kristalia

Suitable for every room, Degree is a versatile, multipurpose side table and a small storage unit. The base is made of polypropylene, and optional cork coating is available. The lid can be a cork circle or a polypropylene square in black or white. Degree is designed by Patrick Norquet for Kristalia.
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