Balloon Light

Balloon Light by CrousCalogero for Estiluz

Perfect for kids’ rooms, this playful Balloon light is offered as a ceiling lamp or a wall sconce. Its shade is made of translucent polyethylene. The red cord, which serves as a switch, can be removed. The wall sconce has two light modes. Designed by Barselona-based duo Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero of CrousCalogero for Estiluz, Balloon is a winner of the Silver Delta Award at FADfest in 2012.
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Balloon Bench

Balloon Bench by Satoshi Itasaka of h220430

Have you watched The Red Balloon? This award-winning, French short movie (Le Ballon Rouge) has inspired Satoshi Itasaka of h220430 to create the stunning Balloon Bench. It’s only an illusion that the bench is lifted by the balloons; actually, it’s suspended from the ceiling by concealed anchors.
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