Kaleidos Basket

Kaleidos Basket by Naoko Shintani | moddea

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of origami, the Kaleidos basket recalls a kaleidoscope. It can be used as a fruit bowl or a bread basket. Design by Naoko Shintani for Alessi.
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ACACIA Honey Dipper

ACACIA Honey Dipper by Miriam Mirri
 | moddea

Inspired by the honeycomb structure, the Acacia honey dipper comprises a spoon and a faceted ball. It’s part of the Objets-Bijoux collection. Design by Miriam Mirri
 for Alessi.
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Pasta Pot

Pasta Pot by Patrick Jouin and Alain Ducasse | moddea

Multi-starred French chef Alain Ducasse and designer Patrick Jouin have conceived this innovative pot especially for a rediscovered, ancient pasta cooking method — like a risotto preparation — used by olive pickers. The method requires only a single pot, which can be used as a serving piece placed on its trivet. I like how the pot handle doubles as a spoon rest. The pasta pot is produced by Alessi.
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