CROSSOVER Watch by Denis Guidone | moddea

Designed by Denis Guidone for Projects Watches, the beautiful Crossover is inspired by the Pick Up Sticks game.
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Plicate Watch

Plicate Watch by Benjamin Hubert | moddea

The Plicate watch is inspired by the folded pleats of a paper fan. It has a pleated surface around the face and along the strap, which allows the wearer’s wrist to “breathe”. It’s made of anodized aluminum and polyurethane. Design by Benjamin Hubert for Nava.
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Day & Night Watch Wall Clock

Day&Night Watch Wall Clock by Deson Wang and Mike He for LEFF Amsterdam

Designers Deson Wang and Mike He combined two everyday objects and created a new and unexpected one — a wrist watch that easily turns into a wall clock. I like their statement: “We believe the aim of design is not simply providing a solution, but also reflecting the designer’s life experiences and thoughts.” Day & Night is manufactured by LEFF Amsterdam.
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