SPRING Watering Can

SPRING Watering Can by Robert Bronwasser | moddea

Spring, designed by Robert Bronwasser for Goods, is a cheerful watering can with a large opening for filling the vessel and a small spout for watering plants. It’s made of polyethylene and has a matte finish.
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The Boulders Collection

The Boulders Collection by Jinggoy Buensuceso | moddea

The Boulders collection is a series of sculptural floor and table planters created by Jinggoy Buensuceso for Hive. The Filipino designer has made bold statement pieces by using the contrast between modern polygonal shapes and antique oxidized metal.
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Foldable Ice Scraper

Foldable Ice Scraper by Eva Solo

Winter is around the corner, and here is the perfect ice scraper from the Eva Solo‘s new collection that will come in handy in your car. It folds in half and can be easily stored in the door pocket. It has a hard plastic part for removing ice and a soft rubber for cleaning the windows. The handle is made of stainless steel.
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Evergreen Herb — Self-Watering Planter

Evergreen Herb -- Self-Watering Planter by Marita Lord of Cult Design

This self-watering planter comes from Cult Design‘s new collection. It consists of two terracotta containers and felt strips, which keep herbs fresher than their store-bought pots. Thanks to the porous feature of the material, the planter also acts as a small humidifier. Design by Marita Lord.
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Self-Watering Cones

Self-Watering Cone by Pascal Charmolu for Sagaform

These cones are convenient while you are away on vacation or in case you often forget to water the plants. The self-watering cones fit on most plastic bottle necks and slowly release the right amount of water or plant food. They are designed by Pascal Charmolu of Born in Sweden for Sagaform. Made of plastic.
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BLOW Furniture

BLOW Furniture by Malafor

Made from inflatable paper pillows, metal racks, and rubber straps, the flat-pack BLOW furniture pieces are easy to transport and store when not in use. Inexpensive cushion replacements are available; however, you may choose a more durable version, called Extreme, made of Dakron® sailcloth — a water- and sun-resistant synthetic material. The Blow Sofa is a Red Dot Award 2012 receiver. Design by Malafor.
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