LOVE ME / EAT ME Chocolate Bar

LOVE ME Chocolate Bar by Curtis Kulig | moddea

Looking for sweet treats for Valentine’s Day? Consider this Love Me / Eat Me milk chocolate bar by artist Curtis Kulig.
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Enamorado by Blanca Gómez | moddea

This lovely illustration is by Blanca Gómez for Tattly — designy temporary tattoos for kids and grown-ups. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!
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BARE PAINT Greeting Card Kit

BARE PAINT Greeting Card Kit by Bare Conductive | moddea

Make a nontraditional, interactive greeting card with this kit by Bare Conductive. The set includes a Bare Paint pen, which contains nontoxic, child-friendly, electrically conductive paint, three cards (two robot templates and one blank), four LEDs, and three coin cell batteries.
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Love Heart Blocks

Love Heart Blocks by House Industries | moddea

House Industries introduced the company’s new block set produced in collaboration with Uncle Goose: the gorgeous Love Heart blocks. Four basswood pieces with embossed hearts and heart puzzles display “love” in 12 languages. Offered in black or red, they are printed by hand with non-toxic inks.
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