STANDARD WARE by Fort Standard | moddea

These beautiful faceted vases and a pitcher are from the Standard Ware fine bone china collection by Fort Standard for 1882.
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RIPPLE Floating Vase

RIPPLE Floating Vase by Oodesign | moddea

This beautiful vase is shaped like ripples in the water. It floats stunningly in a vessel filled with water once a small flower is placed into its slit. Ripple is designed by the Japanese company Oodesign, and is made of thermoplastic polymer resin.
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Sextet Flower Vase

Sextet Flower Vase by Opossum Design

I don’t like ordinary vases, because when they are empty, they look like … empty vases. The Sextet vase by Opossum Design is different — it looks amazing even without flowers. Made of powder-coated stainless steel, it’s enough stable to support heavy flowers or tall branches. I own it and love it.
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