Prova Prima Bone China Collection

Prova Prima Bone China Collection by Paola Navone for Richard Ginori

Inspired by discarded swatch plates covered with test colors, designer Paola Navone has created the amazing bone china collection Prova Prima for the Italian manufacturer of tableware and artistic porcelain Richard Ginori. The collection consists of more than 15 pieces available in various color combinations.

Prova Prima Bread & Butter Plate, $30.00;
Prova Prima Coffee Cup, $40.00;
Prova Prima Coffee Pot, $300.00;
Prova Prima Coffee Saucer, $22.00;
Prova Prima Dessert Plate, $35.00;
Prova Prima Dinner Plate, $50.00;
Prova Prima Flat Platter, $250.00;
Prova Prima Handled Dish, $130.00;
Prova Prima Milk Jug, $85.00;
Prova Prima Oval Deep Platter, $95.00;
Prova Prima Oval Platter, $160.00;
Prova Prima Round Platter, $140.00;
Prova Prima Salad Bowl, $180.00;
Prova Prima Soup Bowl, $45.00;
Prova Prima Sugar Bowl, $210.00;
Prova Prima Tea Cup, $45.00;
Prova Prima Tea Saucer, $30.00


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