MW Magazine Rack

MW Magazine Rack by Laurent Serin and Javier Gutierrez Carcache | moddea

Made from tubular metal, this sculptural magazine rack takes its name from the way the letters “M” and “W” appear in its shape. It’s designed by Laurent Serin and Javier Gutierrez Carcache, the cofounders of Paris-based studio Adónde.
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New Order Shelving System

New Order Shelving System by Stefan Diez and Hay | moddea

The New Order is a revolutionary shelving system that allows for endless variations. Its shelves can be two types: a flat shelf or a tray, with up to two meters width. The units can be open or closed with back and side panels, and folding doors. The structure is made of powder-coated aluminum, and is available in various colors. Design by Hay in collaboration with Stefan Diez.
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