HALFWAY Sofa by Teruhiro Yanagihara | moddea

Consisting of 90 cm-wide modules, Halfway is a minimalist sofa that allows the user to make custom arrangements. Depending on the combinations it can become an ottoman, a daybed, a sofa, or a large seating platform. Design by Teruhiro Yanagihara for Karimoku New Standard.
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STACT Wine Wall

STACT Wine Wall by Eric Pfeiffer| moddea

If you’re looking for a stylish and simple way to store and display your wine collection, Stact is the best option. It’s an elegant, modular wall system, which allows infinite number of configurations and can easily expand as your collection grows. Made of premium wood veneer and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, Stact is designed by Eric Pfeiffer.
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BrickBox Shelving System

BrickBox Shelving System by Antxon Salvador and Roger Zanni | moddea

BrickBox is a modular shelving system allowing you to transport your items without removing them from the shelves. It consists of stackable modules in two sizes, which can be fixed to one another without additional assembly. Made of white laminated birch plywood, BrickBox is created by Antxon Salvador and Roger Zanni of Kazam Design.
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