SUNDAY Lamp by Frost Produkt and Martina Carpelan | moddea

Sunday is a wall light or candleholder combined with a small shelf. The atmosphere can be changed by either lighting a candle or turning the socket and switching on the bulb. It’s designed by Frost Produkt and Martina Carpelan for Northern Lighting.
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Stickbulb Linear Pendant

Stickbulb Linear Pendant by RUX | moddea

Remember the Stickbulb Table Torch Lamp? Stickbulb Linear Pendant is part of the RUX‘s minimalist collection of table, floor, wall, and ceiling LED lights inspired by a pile of long linear wooden cut-offs. The bulbs can be oriented to provide down-light or up-light. Made of sustainably sourced or reclaimed wood, the lamps are designed with few parts to be easy to maintain, recycle, and reuse. Produced by Stickbulb.
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