Lichtbloem DIY Light

Lichtbloem DIY Light by Coen Hoogstraten | moddea

Lichtbloem is a small, simple, and beautiful LED light designed by Coen Hoogstraten. It comes in a DIY kit, which contains optical fibers, a ping pong ball, clothes peg, lithium cell, push pin, and an LED. It’s super easy to make; watch the instruction video.
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S7 Plug and Play Lamp

S7 Plug and Play Lamp by Nicolas Pichelin | moddea

S7 Plug and Play is a minimalist light that can be bent and shaped into the user’s desired form. Thanks to the revolutionary design, it could easily become a floor or a desk lamp. S7 Plug and Play consists of a flexible body and the lamp head, which are connected together by an electromagnetic attachment system.  It’s invented by top-level sailor Nicolas Pichelin, the founder of Structures.
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