BINK Mobile Media Table

Bink Table by Matthew Weatherly | moddea

Bink is a convenient table, designed to be a perfect companion wherever you need. It makes a great workspace for a laptop or a tablet, or it can be used as a side table inside or outdoor. Made of aluminum and steel, it’s designed by Matthew Weatherly for BDI.
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Color Box

Color Box by Henriette W. Leth for Normann Copenhagen

Color Box is a versatile storage unit. It can be hung on the wall or stacked up on the floor, horizontally or vertically. It’s made of steel and is available in six colors. Design by Henriette Westendahl Leth for Normann Copenhagen.
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Manhattan Wall Shelf or Bedside Table

Manhattan Wall Shelf or Bedside Table by Cornelia Norgren for Röshults

Designer Cornelia Norgren has created this gorgeous minimalist shelf, which could be used as a bedside table, too. I love how the books are concealed and form a colorful strip. The shelf is made of iron and is available in three colors. It’s manufactured by Röshults.
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Diana A – F Tables

Diana A–F Tables by Konstantin Grcic for ClassiCon

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that Konstantin Grcic is one of my favorite designers. Except Tom Tom & Tam Tam Tables, I haven’t posted any of his projects yet. So here is a series of colorful and versatile tables; each is called Diana with a letter from A to F. Using only folds and intuitively playing with negative and positive space, he has created these beautiful 3-D forms out of single metal sheets. Manufactured by ClassiCon.
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PUSHPIN CORK Stool or Side Table

PUSHPIN CORK Stool or Side Table by Kenyon Yeh for Cooima

Taiwan-based designer Kenyon Yeh sent me his beautiful creation: Pushpin Cork. I like multifunctional objects, and Pushpin Cork is just that — it can be either a stool or a side table. It’s suitable for every room, but because it’s inspired by two objects found in a work space — a pin and a cork message board —  it would be perfect for any office. It’s manufactured by Cooima.
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Pi and Up Side Tables

Pi and Up Side Tables by Marc van der Voorn for Odesi

Marc van der Voorn just sent me his latest creations — the amazing Pi and Up side tables designed for Odesi. In addition to being a tray for your cup of coffee or book, Pi neatly stores newspapers and magazines. Up’s unique feature is the slightly larger tabletop in comparison with a usual side table. Pi and Up are available in black steel bases with black, gray, red, or white tabletops.
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